Sofa Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning

Sofa cleaning service is recommended if there are stains all over your upholstery set, if there is a musty smell, too dusty and if gets frequent usage by children and pets.

Regularly cleaning your sofa like dry vacuuming is very important to ensure dust and dirt particles within the sofa are removed regularly. Stains should be cleaned same time to remove it quickly and avoid stubborn stains.

Dirty sofa sets are not only unappealing, they can also affect your health if surrounded dirt particles and dust trapped within the upholstery are kept for long period of time. If you don’t give attention to it may cause indoor air pollution especially that we are using air-conditions. Dust, stains, food crumbs, sweats, and any form of dirt particles are the reasons why we need to have a proper sofa cleaning. Through this procedure your upholstery set will not just be clean outside but also within it. If you watch while cleaning you will see the ugly truth hidden inside your sofas.

If you ask how often you need to have sofa cleaning, answer is, it depends on many factors like if you have children, pets, location, and etc. If you feel itchy don’t hesitate and call your trusted professionals to get it done. Sofa Cleaning procedure involve full set wet shampooing, soft brushing, spot cleaning especially to heavy stained areas, drying by sucking all excess waters and if client prefers to have it steam, we do it as well.

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