Standard Cleaning

Standard Cleaning

This is Standard cleaning or Regular cleaning is what commonly people do on a daily or weekly basis. It helps maintain a standard level of cleanliness around the house. It’s a manner of cleaning tasks that covers general cleaning like dusting, washing dishes, arranging, vacuuming, mopping and wiping all surfaces.

It includes the bedrooms, toilets, kitchen, living room areas and sometime balconies if requested. It may include extra jobs just like ironing, laundry, window cleaning and other jobs that can be considered as general cleaning.

Standard can be customize depending on the client’s preference. You may book a part time crew just to iron, clean kitchen only and etc.

Giving instruction is a must, this is best way to meet client’s expectations and satisfaction.

Guide on how many hours your apartment/villa needs:
(this guideline is only applicable if there is no extra job)

Studio & 1 Bedroom – 2 Hrs
2 bedrooms – 3 Hrs
3 bedrooms – 4 Hrs
4 bedrooms – 5 Hrs
5 Bedrooms – 6 Hrs